In 2002, during a productive career developing and renovating commercial retail projects such as Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Miami's Bayside Marketplace  and Jacksonville Landing, Rocky Goins was invited to lunch at a  senior living community in Baltimore.  

During the lunch, Rocky was captivated by a lovely resident named Martha, who seemed to carry on most of the table’s conversation. Martha shared her story with Rocky, explaining that she was the widow of a wonderful husband. When he passed away, after decades of marriage, she really did not want to go on without him.  She no longer could drive at night, and clearly could no longer take care of the yard, the snow or the leaves.  When she hung up the phone with her grandchildren on Sundays, she went into a deep depression.  Finally her family convinced her to move to a senior living community.  She exclaimed, “I love it here, and now I am too busy to even get sick.”

Looking directly at Rocky, she said, “You should use the skills that God gave you and help people in a direct way.  I think you would impact many lives developing senior communities.”

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Rocky always gravitated toward mission focused projects that added to a community’s quality of life and job creation. That night, however, he could not sleep, and walked around the house thinking and praying about his calling in life.  The next morning, he decided to make the move and joined the senior living industry.

During his career, Rocky worked  with many great senior living leaders who fed his passion.  Rocky seeks to team up with clients that understand the significance of creating and operating, what will most likely be, the last home for our nation’s seniors and providing the seniors the extraordinary care for which they deserve.